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PureVPN Review

PureVPN is one of the leading brands in the virtual private network industry. It has a huge user base of premium subscribers who seem to be very satisfied with the services and features that it provides.

PureVPN was established back in 2007 with the main aim of providing internet users with the privacy and security they deserve. Since then, the VPN giant has expanded its global network of privacy concerned users, which engage in millions of protected sessions every day. Despite multiple instances in the past where PureVPN’s credibility may have been compromised, it continues to remain user’s top choice.

PureVPN reviews – What do users say?

According to many reviews, PureVPN is renowned for providing premium internet security and ultimate online anonymity to its users, making them completely invisible on the internet. It keeps no traffic logs of its user’s activity when connected to a VPN, which is to insure complete privacy and security of their personal information.

CNET’s PureVPN review in 2016 listed it as “one of the better VPN service to look out for”.

PureVPN Review

PureVPN Review - Business users

PureVPN subscription can also be bought for an entire business altogether. There are excellent plans and packages that employees can subscribe to and provide flexibility to its employees to work from anywhere and send and receive files in a secure and protected environment.

According to reviews of PureVPN the added benefits in Business plans include dedicated account manager, dedicated speed and bandwidth, dedicated portal and dedicated IPs. PureVPN reviews provided on Reddit and other forums suggest that it works perfectly for employees and business owners.


PureVPN Review – Streaming users

In the past there have been problems in streaming for PureVPN users. However, as the global entertainment trends gradually shifted towards streaming, the reviews suggest that PureVPN has upgraded its network and features. It now supports streaming for all major streaming services such as Netflix. Not only that. PureVPN reviews show that its users have also been able to stream live matches of their favorite sports from around the world with ease and convenience. The split tunneling feature provided by PureVPN ensures a lag-free watching experience.

It is Good for Torrenting?

It is amongst the very few services that we know which supports torrenting. P2P file-sharing and torrenting are some activities that some countries don’t usually encourage. In fact, these activities are even illegal in some regions. Regardless, It is the best VPN for torrenting. You can download PureVPN and see how easily and anonymously, you can do torrenting.

Can It be Used for Online Gaming?

The online gaming community is composed of hundreds of millions of gamers from across the globe. However, when you connect to remote servers when playing online games, you are bound to experience higher latency and pings which ultimately ruin your gaming experience. However, with this best VPN for gaming, you are guaranteed highly reduced pings and latency round the clock.

Does It Work on Android?

Yes, it does. In fact, it is the top VPN for android. There are two ways to go about it, depending on what you prefer the most. For starters, you can download the application from the Play Store and start using it the moment it is installed. However, if you prefer to save space on your Android, you can set it up manually on your device using the tutorials from the support center.

Server Locations

While working on this PureVPN review, we learned that PureVPN manages an extensive server network of 2000+ servers, 300,000+ IPs which spread in 180+ countries. This global digital footprint covers essential regions which include the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, China, among many others.

Note that when choosing a VPN service, opt for a service with the highest number of servers as the more the servers, the better the chances of improved speed and service.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

PureVPN user reviews and server locations in Singapore

In this era of globalization, infotainment and entertainment industries are still bound to geographical territories. The content available in one part of the world is restricted to access in other parts of the world, which annoys the fans to an unimaginable extent. The best way to overcome these geographical limitations of content is through a VPN.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) has servers in various parts of the world. It gives you the freedom to surf the online world with a disguised identity. This means you can carry out all your activities on the internet through any of the available servers and fool the host sites about your actual location.

What is PureVPN?

PureVPN is one of the best and oldest VPN with a large number of users around the globe. It was launched in Hong Kong in the year 2007, and since then it has an ever increasing number of satisfied users, which proves its authenticity and reliability.

PureVPN has its 2000+ active servers in more than 140 countries, which ultimately makes it one of the biggest VPN. Its services are available for users in most parts of the world, making torrenting and content unblocking easier for them.

PureVPN is compatible to use with all kind of devices and software. It has also introduced some unique features like multi-logins, virtual router, and split tunneling to facilitate its users further.
Along with the best services for torrenting and content unblocking, PureVPN also ensures the online privacy and safety of its users. It provides an encrypted tunnel to hide your online activities, making sure your online privacy is intact. It makes the online world safer for you by completely masking your identity and hiding your actual geographical location.

PureVPN in Singapore

PureVPN has gained significant popularity in Singapore in recent years due to various reasons.
Singapore is a difficult country when it comes to online privacy as the right of privacy for online users is not even protected by the laws of State. The personal space of the internet users is invaded by government institutions, and their online activities are spied and tracked for various reasons and through multiple ways. Despite these critical situations of privacy and online security, PureVPN has succeeded in ditching the spying eyes and provided a safer and secured tunnel for Singaporean users for carrying out their online activities securely. It has made the life of online users peaceful by eliminating all the chances of snooping. More than 90 percent of Singaporean users are satisfied with the services of PureVPN when it comes to safety and security.

Content unavailability is another major issue that Singaporean users have to face due to the strict policies of their state. Many sites and bloggers are restricted in Singapore, and a huge portion of infotainment content is censored. PureVPN achieved success in resolving this issue of Singaporean users too. With its large number of active servers in various parts of the world, PureVPN has given freedom to the Singaporean users to unblock the content and access the sites that are blocked in Singapore and that too with safety and security. PureVPN is the favorite VPN for content unblocking in Singapore.

PureVPN has evolved from a free VPN to a paid service within almost 12 years. It has made advancements and improvements in its services and always strive for the satisfaction of its users. 
Whether it's the matter of protection of online privacy or the need for the safer and secure tunnel for content unblocking PureVPN has never disappointed its users. The network of PureVPN is growing at a faster and steadier pace and is reaching new destinations. Though PureVPN has yet to acheive100 percent user satisfaction in Singapore, it is still a preferred VPN in the state.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

PureVPN FBI Case: Truth Behind the Curtain

You may have heard a lot of negative things being said about PureVPN on the web. Many blame the VPN service for lying to VPN users, and keeping logs of their data. Many consider PureVPN as a service that fails to provide online anonymity to users. These and more complaints spread like wildfire all over the web almost two years ago.

At the time, there were allegations that PureVPN has shared browsing logs with the FBI in order to assist the organization in one of its investigation. People started crying foul, even before the details of the case were revealed to the public. The entire World Wide Web kept buzzing with questions. Is PureVPN really anonymous? Does it keep logs? It’s easy to say that the other competing VPN services took full advantage of the situation and did their best to add more sparks to the ongoing drama.

No body stopped to notice that the claims they are reading may be wrong. No body waited to hear the official stance from the FBI or the VPN brand in question. But the actual truth did come out, and it made us rethink our entire stance against the VPN service.

Mentioned below are the actual facts connected to the case. It also mentions how PureVPN helped the FBI without violating any of its promises.

FBI Case: The facts

On October 6 2017, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts announced that a 24 year old Ryan S. Lin of Newton was arrested by the FBI. He was allegedly involved in cyberstalking charges.

This is what Ryan S. Lin of Newton had been doing because of which the FBI went after him and caught him in the end. Beginning in April 2016, Lin started stalking and harassing Jennifer Smith, a 24-year old woman who used to share rooms with him.

Lin is a computer savvy who majored in computer science. He used his skills to hack Jennifer’s online accounts and collect any information he could get his hands on. He obtained some very personal photos, as well as sensitive information about her medical and sexual histories. These, coupled with some more private details, were shared with different people without her consent. Some of these people were Jennifer’s direct acquaintances, including her roommates, co-workers, and her 13-year-old-sister. He also sent a couple of images to Jennifer’s family that features child abuse.

This apparently did not satisfy Lin, so she used her accounts to register her into sites that were dedicated to prostitution. A flurry of people started coming to Jennifer’s home for intimate purposes because of this reason. And if all this wasn’t enough, Lin went a step further and used Jennifer’s accounts to threaten people with bomb attacks and more, which even led to people calling in the police on her.

Soon the FBI got involved and started searching for the person who was involved in cybercrime. What was immediately revealed in this case was that Lin was very cautious in covering up his footsteps. He used multiple anonymous services to keep his steps covered, and used VPNs and secure emailing services to cover up his steps.

But he did make one misstep when he accessed these accounts from his work computer. Although he did delete everything and reinstalled the OS, the FBI managed to find his tracings inside it. This is when they found out that Lin had been using PureVPN while cyberstalking Jennifer. The PureVPN FBI logs were then used to prove that Lin was involved in this extreme cyberstalking campaign.

In our intense PureVPN review, we compared the VPN provider’s old privacy policy with the updated one. Upon in-depth analysis of the policy, we have concluded that the company doesn’t keep any logs. Contrary to the popular misconception that has been unethically advertised by some VPN review websites, PureVPN doesn’t even keep time stamps anymore, let alone browsing logs of the user as per their updated privacy policy.

The policy was immediately updated after the FBI scandal. Before that, it mentioned keeping timestamps (that were shared with the FBI) for maintenance purposes. To clarify what timestamps are, it only refers to the VPN IP a user connected to when using PureVPN. It doesn’t store any kind of browsing logs. Which is why the FBI had to work a whole lot more to actually trace the browsing activities of Lin. 

More work was done on this information and soon got their hands on all the data that incriminate Lin in this case. Lin now faces up to five years in prison and three years of supervised release.

The question?

Now that you know the actual facts behind the curtain, do you still believe that PureVPN was guilty and deserves all the negative coverage it is still getting? It is wrong to blame the company for lying to its customers, when it never did. Instead of getting applauded for its actions, the VPN service continues to face the wrath of angry reviews. It tells you a lot about where this world is heading to.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

PureVPN Refund Policy in Comparison to Other VPN Service Providers

The Refund Policy is one of the most underrated, neglected, and moreover misunderstood documents of all. Internet users don’t really care about reading about Refund Policy, thus when they face any issue, they come roaring to claim their refunds. Facing issues with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is very usual and people tend to become furious and come straight away to request refunds. Well, it’s their right to do so.

As compared to other popular VPN service providers, PureVPN refund policy is clear cut and concisePureVPN has a 31-day money back guarantee, with all genuine refund requests are processed after seven days from the day of subscription to the VPN account. If the VPN user has selected a non-refundable option, then s(he) will not get any refund. Also if you have opted for a 3-day trial period, your refund demand will be entertained at any cost. Don’t bother to place a refund request for the 3-day free trial account.    

PureVPN Refund Policy

Compare PureVPN refund policy with other services and you will see that nobody offers 31 day guarantee. Other VPN providers usually offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence if the user wants a refund, the process time can take up to a whole month..

NordVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Hence, if you have filed a refund request, you will have to wait for one month to get your money back. Do note that users who subscribe for NordVPN account via the Apple app store, they will not be refunded.


IPVanish has a 7-day money back guarantee in place. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can get a refund within 10 working days. All refund requests will be processed only after seven days from the date of purchase. If the users want to cancel their subscription from the Control Panel, the refund request will be processed automatically.

Here, one needs to understand why do people tend to ask for refund? It is because they seem to be unhappy with the quality of service they get. Most of the VPN service providers fail to deliver what they promise. PureVPN on the other hand, keeps things simple and processes all the genuine refund requests as soon as possible. But before making any decision, you must read the privacy policy of PureVPN infull.      

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

PureVPN Privacy Policy: Do they Keep Logs Anymore?

Privacy is one of the most treasured possessions of an individual human being. And if you are browsing the internet, your online privacy becomes all the more powerful. You cannot deny this fact. In order to protect their privacy online, people tend to use a secure, strong and a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN).

PureVPN is one of the best VPN service providers in the world. It has got a huge, an ever-expanding, and a trusted user base. The question is: What’s the reason behind so many individuals showing their trust in PureVPN. It is because, the company always remains true to its promise. It delivers what it preaches.

With the ultimate mission of providing internet users with strong privacy and unbreakable online security, PureVPN continues to be the premier choice VPN service for many people. The truth is that PureVPN cares for its users, therefore, it has auser-friendly privacy policy in place. The first statement of PureVPN Privacy Policy is:

PureVPN Privacy Policy

“We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.”

PureVPN Privacy Policy is a clear manifestation to the fact that the organization does notkeep any personal information of the user. Although, for the sake of providing the best user experience, to improve service quality, and to provide timely assistance to users facing technical issues with the service, and to keep them updated with the new features being added to the service, PureVPN only keeps the bare minimum user information, which includes the name and email address of the user.


This information that the organization collects is at the time of signup. When you decide to subscribe to a PureVPN account, users need to provide their first name, email address, and mode of payment. All this information is kept secured and is only used for the purpose of efficient communication between the user and the organization.

It is a common practice of all top-tier VPN service providers to collect user information to provide them with exclusive service updates and to solve their issues. PureVPN is no exception. Everything is mentioned clearly in PureVPN Privacy Policy Page. Before making any decision about purchasing the service, it’s better that you read the Privacy Policy in full to better understand the provisions mentioned therein.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How Transparent is PureVPN Policy?

Most of the people who use internet are wary of their data privacy and security online. Their reluctance and fear to share everything personal online is quite justified. Netizens have become increasingly prone to hack attacks and other cyber security threats. It’s all because of the prying eyes of surveillance agencies. Therefore, the number of people using a VPN to safeguard their privacy and security online is constantly on the rise.    

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) not only unblocks restricted web content, but also helps customer remain private, secure and anonymous over the internet. Before you subscribe to a VPN service, do remember to read the privacy policy of the service. It provides all the guidelines about how the organization takes care of the users’ data, how the data is collected, what data is collected and how it is used for the benefit of the user.

PureVPN privacy policy is very clear and concise. There are no hidden clauses. Detail about each and every aspect of the user data is contained within. All the company wants is to provide its esteemed users with foolproof online security, coupled with strong military-grade encryption and security protocol.              

PureVPN Privacy Policy

As compared to the privacy policies of other VPN service providers, PureVPN privacy policy is completely transparent. It’s really a masterstroke from one of the best VPN service providers in the world. As a matter of fact, PureVpn is one of the most reliable VPN services in the world today.

How do I come to conclude that PureVPN’s Privacy Policy is a transparent one? Check out the very first statement of the Policy. It clearly states that PureVPN doesn't keep any records of what users do online after they get subscription. The company doesn’t even share the users’ personal information with any other external or third party website. This statement is enough to win my trust.

The organization is actually not even bothered about a user’s online activities. And this is why people have shown trust in PureVPN. All it needs to ensure is to keep you safe and anonymous online. The ever-increasing customer base is a testimony to the fact that PureVPN is the ultimate online security and privacy provider that has made its mark in the industry.        

To learn more about the policy, you must visit PureVPN Privacy Policy Page.

PureVPN’s Customer Reviews on CNET

If you are a tech lover, then it is hard to believe that you have not heard about CNET. It is all about consumer technology and it is best to help you keep up with the always advancing tech world. Additionally, it also helps many in making better and more knowledgeable purchase decisions.

CNET is big in technology and it is to all places. It does not only keep the users updated about latest trends, but also educate them about various services and brands via their reviews. These reviews include many VPN brands like PureVPN’s user review.

One of the most important topics for everyone now is privacy and security on the web, and CNET does cover that too, which is why the talk about VPN has become more popular than five years ago. Anyhow, the reviews of CNET significantly help users to make a better purchase resolution and fully understand the service they are willing to buy or looking for their use.

Here, we are exploring PureVPN’s reviews on CNET in which we will unveil everything that CNET has to say about PureVPN in their reviews.

PureVPN Review CNET

PureVPN was surrounded by some critical controversies regarding some logging issues. Although those issues have been nicely clarified, still the common perception is a bit different. Keeping this issue in mind, CNET begins its review with the explanation that the only reason why PureVPN got 4.5 instead of full five because of that logging issue.

CNET further wrote in PureVPN review that it is commendable about PureVPN that it has kept is very clear now for everyone who is willing to go through their privacy policy. In addition, the 31-day money back guarantee and the support for Bitcoin impressed CNET.

So Does It Make PureVPN Reliable to Use?

PureVPN doesn’t stop at making its privacy policy transparent or offering 31-day money back guarantee. In fact, it went beyond to ensure complete security and privacy by molding its policies as per the GDPR act.

Apart from that, the VPN service has tweaked its features and functionalities over the years. Moreover, it has fixed the bugs and other issues to ensure that the VPN works seamlessly on every device.

The VPN provider also rolls out regular updates and security patches to ensure smooth VPN experience. In fact, the knowledge base of the VPN service is regularly updated with how-tos and tutorials.

So, yes you can trust PureVPN. It offers best VPN protection and, thus, a secure VPN service.

CNET further tells its readers about the blazing fast speed and performance of PureVPN, which really is impressive for any VPN user in the world. Furthermore, CNET also discussed the pricing plans of PureVPN, which are affordable and upgradable at any time.

The Kodi and Chromebook solutions provided by PureVPN is incredible. CNET further adds that “PureVPN earns the distinction of being the first VPN service we've seen to fully implement the GDPR”. This is the PureVPN user review on CNET. 

PureVPN Customer Reviews

Is PureVPN Good For Torrenting?

Speed, security and anonymity aren’t the only goodies that come with PureVPN. The VPN provider is also known for offering fastest torrenting and file-sharing. Torrenting holds great importance amongst the file-sharing community. After all, the practice is mostly discouraged by many regions. In fact, some regions have completely blocked torrents and some have even penalized its use.

Therefore, people are left with nothing but VPN services that allow anonymous torrenting. However, private torrenting isn’t the only benefit you can reap out of using PureVPN. In fact, you can also ensure that the files you are download are secure, thanks to the P2P protection feature. This and many other features make PureVPN the best VPN for torrenting?

PureVPN Review CNET for Mobile

CNET has a separate review compilation for the mobile versions of various top VPN services, including PureVPN. In this review, CNET starts by priaisng the brilliant support site of PureVPN, especially for those users who aim to access VPN in China and those who seek ways to access Netflix. 

It briefly discusses the logs issue and then moves to the vast network of servers that PureVPN offers. CNET also praises the growth in servers by PureVPN, which is always on going. The advanced features of PureVPN for better security and privacy of the users are also mentioned in a positive way.

The user’s review of PureVPN on CNET mainly suggests it to be an ace VPN service. The antivirus and malware protection that works in real-time is impressive and certainly most rational for a VPN service to offer. CNET suggests others to offer this features as well.

Additionally, the CNET editor also pointed out the “the usual protocols, a solid Internet connection kill switch, web filtering, app filtering and a firewall-style function that allows you to specify which apps are and are not allowed to access the internet”. These show that CNET review of PureVPN is mainly positive and PureVPN is a recommendable service on one of the biggest technology related platform, CNET.

PureVPN Users’ Review of CNET Forum

PureVPN has always focused on improving the service and they always claim to value the customer reviews and reviews like CNET. It is one of the biggest reasons why PureVPN has become one of the biggest VPN service in the industry with the largest network of servers covering more than 140 countries worldwide.

The experts of CNET certainly has some of the brilliant opinions about the service, however, the CNET forum is also a brilliant place to extract user reviews of PureVPN. In the forum, the users genuinely talks about the common troubleshooting and other issues which they might have faced using PureVPN.

This helps the brand to solve the issues those users have and improve the product on the basis of specific feedback provided by real users. Additionally, the users of CNET forum are more tech savvy than other social media platforms, which means that their feedback is more sound and educated than a common, not so techie, user.

The customer reviews of PureVPN and the expert review found on CNET make PureVPN to be a brilliant choice for users who seek privacy, security and complete internet freedom on the web. These reviews are more trustworthy than the site, and when these suggest PureVPN to be a great service, it means it really is a great service.