Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Why customer reviews are important for PureVPN?

It has been more than a decade that PureVPN is helping millions of users around the globe. PureVPN did not only help them access the web freely, but also gave them complete security and privacy that they deserved and wished to have in the online world. Although PureVPN has always focused on improving the service and giving users the best of the time, I think that the growing family of happy PureVPN users and sustainability in the industry is because of one reason. That reason is PureVPN’s customers’ reviews!


One of the most basic and important value PureVPN has is that everything it does is for our users. PureVPN is known to always keep customers’ trust before anything else. When the whole service is for them, then it better run according to them. This is why the users, including me, love PureVPN and it doesn’t come as a surprise that PureVPN has happy growing family of multi million users.
Now, when I say the VPN service keeps its users before anything else and makes the service work as per the users’ needs and desires, then we need to have their opinion, feedback or complaint. This is why PureVPN’s users’ reviews are of immense importance for anyone to read before they commit to PureVPN. These PureVPN reviews helps the service provider improve its service as per its users’ and it has seem immense success in 2018 by getting better and stronger with every passing year.


While chatting with a chat agent, I was told that PureVPN goes through everything that every user says about it to the service provider or to anyone else. He mentioned that we look for PureVPN reviews on Reddit, Cnet, our own user reviews page, social media sites, and various other forums. We try our best to know everything that a user has to say about us.

Reading and knowing all these reviews helps us know about our weaknesses, strengths, and what new features should we integrate for our users. We do spend many resources in research and development. But, we always couple our R&D with our users’ reviews about the service.

No matter if your review is good, bad, neutral, angry, calm, or even abusive. We do read it and try to become better as per your expectations. In fact, we value the negative reviews more, because of two major reasons. First, we do not get them a lot now, and secondly those usually give us brilliant ideas to improve the service for our users.


When we say that we value our customers more than anything and we always keep them first, we mean it. This is why our first priority of reviews are from real users who have been us for years and know more about our service than many so called review sites, which only claim to have experts reviewing services.

Some of the review sites are legit and they really do help services improve various features and flaws which might not be easily caught by the users. These services are our second go to places for feedback because of their genuine nature and real critical reviews.

The reviews by such credible sites and our valuable users have led us to be what we are in the industry today. From the addition of new server to integration of advanced security features in the apps, we rely on the feedback and needs of the customers to prioritize things. This is why our millions of customers stay happy and loyal to PureVPN.


We are present on all the major social media sites and we keep in touch with many users and even non users on these platforms. These social media sites help us and our users to connect on platforms which are neutral. One of the most unforgiving and neutral social platforms is Reddit and we value our service reviews on Reddit more than on any other social platform.

The two major reasons for it include Reddit’s anonymous nature and the level of expertise which redditors have. There is hardly anyone out there who would disagree that many redditors are super tech savvy and know a lot about tech. Secondly, they are anonymous on Reddit, so they do not have any fear regarding their true identity. So, whatever these type of users say about the service, they put it to first.

Similarly, Cnet Forum is also a technical forum where usually the tech savvy audiences discuss various things. Since it is a forum, users are not required to reveal their true identity to be the part of any discussion. So, we also value our user reviews which are found on Cnet because of the users being technically sound to understand the service and properly give us the feedback, regardless of it being negative or positive.

We are always on the lookout for our user reviews because these fuel us to make our service better, as per the expectations of our users. PureVPN’s customer reviews are one of the main reasons why we have become one of the most advanced VPN service in the industry and we are continuously evolving, with the help of our users, for our users.

Why Should You Buy PureVPN?

After reading the reviews on Reddit, CNET and other platforms, you can easily conclude the reliability of PureVPN, the fastest VPN in town. Apart from all that, there are many other reasons that compel us to recommend and use the VPN service. For instance:

PureVPN Servers List

PureVPN is considered as one of the top VPN services in the industry for its high volume of servers. Currently, the VPN provider has 2,000+ servers and most importantly they have servers for dedicated purposes as well such as for streaming, gaming and more.

Multiple Devices Compatibility

PureVPN is one of the top VPNs for Android. Apart from the Android OS, you can also download PureVPN and install in on your Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, routers and other consoles and set-top boxes like Roku and Amazon Firestick.

Best for Torrenting

PureVPN is the best VPN for torrenting because it is amongst those VPN providers that have dedicated torrenting servers in locations where torrenting is totally allowed. In fact, you can find more goodies on this VPN service than any other in that it also offers p2p protection which means once you have this add-on, you would no longer need to worry about downloading any malicious file.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

PureVPN User Reviews - How to bypass China's internet censorship to access Reddit

This PureVPN Reddit review will help you in deciding if you want to try PureVPN to access Reddit while you are in China.

Reddit, which is one of the most popular global websites on the internet, is a user-generated forum. Users from all over the world can ask questions from each other, get into debates and discussions and share anything they like. The freedom to discuss any topic and sharing of information with liberty are two of the reasons that it has gained the popularity it enjoys.

Internet Restrictions in mainland China

Unfortunately though, mainland China has put restrictions on the usage of Reddit in the country. Along with Reddit, a number of other popular websites have also been banned which include: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, New York Times and the list goes on.

The reason the Chinese government has banned these websites is because of the perceived threat these websites pose to the sovereignty of the country. China is notorious for its restrictions on the usage of internet as the government does not believe in freedom of internet.

If you were always a fan of Reddit or an active user of Reddit before the ban was put into action, you might be missing out on it and searching for ways to tackle this problem. Similarly, if you are an expat or simply visiting China for a business trip or vacations – you might also be disappointed to not get any access to Reddit.

Ways to Access Reddit

There are three ways to get access to Reddit or any other website, which has been blocked in the country:

  • Using a VPN service
  • Using a proxy
  • Using Tor browser

The great firewall of China is not easy to be pierced through. The government is on a constant move to block as many VPN services, proxies and other services that enable users to have access to foreign websites, otherwise blocked in the country. Based on your own priorities, select the option that seems the most viable to you.

It is recommended that you go for paid VPN services as they are secure and do not require you to be tech savvy either. There are a number of VPN services available in the market, one of the best VPNs is PureVPN.

About PureVPN

PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN service, which was launched in the year 2007. It is one of the oldest and also most popular VPN services in the world. It has more than 2,000 servers in over 140 countries. While a number of VPN services cannot pierce through the great firewall of China, PureVPN does the job with perfection. It has a number of servers in China too, which is not much common.

How to Access Reddit in China with PureVPN

Once you have decided to use PureVPN, follow these simple steps to set up PureVPN and start using Reddit:

  • Go to the PureVPN website and subscribe to the service
  • Download the PureVPN application and install it on desktop/mobile
  • If you have a strong internet connection, it will not take much time and be downloaded in a few minutes on your system
  • Log into the application using the username and password provided to you
  • Choose any server, you should opt for a UK or US server as they are fast
  • Visit www.reddit.com 

You will now be able to access Reddit and enjoy it while living in China. We hope this PureVPN Reddit Review was helpful for you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Besafe while using free Wi-Fi - A Public Service Message from PureVPN

Wi-Fi seems like one of the most admired things, if not the most, in life and we all thought that is it. But then came “Free Wi-Fi” and we all had rainbows flowing down our mouths. We had all the good reasons to be on it all the time. We connected all our personal devices and everything until one day when it was unveiled that how dangerous this free public Wi-Fi actually is.

It certainly did break the heart of the millions, but then came another savior which said it to all of us that we can still use the public Wi-Fi, but there are some precautions which must be used. These protocols are users’ own safety and if you really do love both, your privacy and the free Wi-Fi, then we suggest you to do check the following section out.

Tips to stay safe on Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

These tips are specially made to help all the users, who are aware or not aware of the dangers these free public Wi-Fi hotspots pose to the users and their privacy. So, without further ado, let’s go through these tips in the form of bullet points below.

-         Always connect a VPN before surfing the web on apublic Wi-Fi Hotspot.

-        Keep the Internet Kill Switch on in your VPN app so in case the connection drops even then your personal data would be safe.

-         Never perform any sensitive activity without a VPN on the public Wi-Fi network.

-         Always go for a trustworthy paid VPN service and avoid free VPN services because most of them are actually bad for your security and privacy.

Keeping these simple tips into consideration can help you big time while using public Wi-Fi hotspots without actually risking yourself one bit. We hope that this public service message will help many who can fall victim to the dangers of public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

How to experience Secure Banking with VPN?

People often forget, while performing online transactions, that their bank accounts may be vulnerable to attacks by cyber criminals. Nonetheless online accounts are easier targets for hackers as compared to robbing an actual bank. A cybercriminal could simply steal all the money in your bank account through a couple of keystrokes, instead of robbing a bank.

To protect their customers’ cash and take protective measures against hacks, banks and credit unions employ a number of policies. The standard measures to ensure safety of online transactions include utilizing anti-viruses, firewalls, fraud monitoring and website encryption, which mix up the data so that only the specific recipient can access and read it. If you perform online transactions there is a hundred percent chance that your bank employs such security protocols.  

So can online banking already considered to be safe?

Online banking can be safe when a secure bank technology on the back end is combined with vigilant customers on the front end. As an account holder it is also your responsibility to make sure that your accounts are protected. For example do not reply to emails that seem too good or bad, for that matter, to be believable.

Only large scale violations of data make it to the headlines, but cyber criminals also carry out these activities on a smaller scale by hacking users directly. For example, cybercriminals often employ a so-called phishing scam, in which they send out multiple emails pretending to represent a financial institution such as a bank in the hope of deceiving an unaware user.

The email could be such that it would suggest there is a problem with your bank account and would inquire about your bank PIN code or social security number. The email could also say that you’ve won one hundred million dollars, but in order to transfer that amount your account information is required.

Hence any unsuspecting customer who would reply to the email, by sending their account details, would enable the hackers to make purchases or even withdraw money from the bank account.

Methods of securing your online transactions:

1. Steer clear of public Wi-Fi for private banking:

While you are using a public Wi-Fi there is no surety that your online activity is not being watched by anyone else, unless every page that you access is encrypted. Your private home network is very ideal in this regard. If you are away from home prefer to use your own cellular data instead of a public Wi-Fi, or even use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Whatever way you choose to log onto the internet always check for the web page encryption status by ensuring that the web address on the browser begins with “https”. The “s” in the beginning part of the web address indicates that the web address is safe to access.

2. Keep an updated anti-virus software:

Get an effective anti-virus software on the devices you use to access the internet and make sure that it is the latest version or an updated one.

3. Choose a bank that employs industry-standard security protocols:

While getting a bank that offers accounts with high interest rates and low fees, it should also be a top priority to consider banks that offer the highest level of security. Again make sure that the bank backs its online accounts by a robust technology.

For example certain banks use a multifactor authentication, in order to identify that it is actually you who is making the online transactions. A unique passcode could be sent to you, through a text message, or even your own fingerprint that you would have to enter in order to prove your identity for security purposes. Several larger online banks employ these security protocols hence it should be very easy to find out the most suited to you.

4. Change your passwords regularly:

When coming up with a password for your bank and online accounts, use combinations that are difficult to guess or those which may not be related to you in any way. Use multiple characters such as a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. The more complex the password of your account, the harder it will be for hackers to breach your online transactions or bank accounts.

5. Subscribe to your bank’s text alerts:

Almost all financial institutions allow their customers the facility of text or email alerts whenever transactions take place through their bank accounts, or if the account balance passes a certain limit. Through these notifications users can get in touch with their banks immediately if they see anything out of the ordinary in their banking activity or online transactions.

6. Protect your personal Information:

Your personal information is very crucial hence you should not post data such as your full date of birth on social networks such as Facebook. Any type of personal information that you post online can be breached and stolen hence you should keep a check on the information that is available on you.

7. Ensure your email’s security:

If you access a website, chat request, instant message or an email that comes across as suspicious to you, close your web browser, email programs and even shut down your device for some time. Restart your device and run a security scan through an anti-virus software before logging back onto the internet.

As a worst case scenario if you ever feel that your credit card or personal information has been stolen or being used without your permission, you should immediately contact your major credit reporting agencies to place a scam alert on your credit report. Alert your credit card provider of the suspicious activity or unauthorized use of your information immediately.

8. Use A VPN

Using a VPN everytime your bank online might be last on our list but should be the first on yours. Not only will your connection be private, your data will be encrypted and invisible to anyone trying to snoop on you. Technically speaking, there cannot be secure banking without a VPN, so remember to connect or use a VPN for every online banking transaction.

Reporting any sort of illicit activity that take place on your credit card or bank account so that you are are eligible for any fraud or theft liability protection. Taking necessary measure to protect your financial transactions and online purchases are very crucial in order to avoid any theft of your financial assets.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

PureVPN can secure the unsafe public WiFi and here’s how

There is hardly anyone in this world who does not like free stuff. It is one of the biggest reason why we all love the free public Wi-Fi we get in restaurants, hotels, cafes and at many other public places. We connect our device to it, we use it and honestly it is a bliss at times, especially when the mobile data is at the limit or over it.

Anyhow, this public Wi-Fi which often seems a blessing to many because of its free nature, can actually prove to be a big problem for the privacy and security of the user. These free public Wi-Fi hotspots are actually unsafe and extremely easy to hack.

It is easily possible that all of your data and internet activities can be known to a hacker connected to the same public Wi-Fi and there goes your complete privacy. So, if you wish to enjoy and use this free unsafe Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, then there is a way to secure them. PureVPN can help you make these free public hotspots, secure Wi-Fi networks for all of your activities. Let’s look into everything about it below.

Dangers of unsafe public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Many user now have the basic understanding that the open public Wi-Fi hotspots are actually dangerous and the users are at risk if they do not use a reputable VPN service like PureVPN. We will come to that later on, but first we will look at these dangers of public Wi-Fi
The first most significant danger is data theft and identity theft. Most of the users usually connect their personal devices to these open public Wi-Fi hotspots. Now if this public Wi-Fi network is logging all the connected users, then your personal information can be gone in a matter of seconds.
In addition, it is also possible that the whole open network is actually giving all of the users’ information to a hacker who has setup the network in such a way. If this is the case, then all of your requests are actually with the hacker, so is your identity, data and credentials too. This makes the whole situation a lot worse than how it might sound.

Your data can be utilized in any possible way. If the hacker has your financial details, then your money can be stolen in a matter of minutes. Similarly, your identity can be utilized to do anything illegal. It would not be you doing it, but your name would be utilized for it. So, it can really go totally bizarre, if you think about it.

How to avoid these dangers?

Thinking about these dangers, anyone would think that it is better not to use these public Wi-Fi hotspots at all. However, that is not the case. You can still avoid all these dangers and use the free public Wi-Fi. For that, you need to have a reputable VPN service like PureVPN.

We will discuss about how PureVPN makes these public Wi-Fi hotspots secure Wi-Fi in the next section. However here we have to discuss the things you need to avoid the dangers of unsafe public Wi-Fi hotspots. You can completely avoid connecting to these networks or you can have PureVPN installed or setup on all of your devices.

Before starting to surf the web on such unsafe networks, you only need to connect PureVPN and that’s it. All of your internet data will be protected including your identity. Nobody will be able to see your activities or steel your data. How will it happen and how will PureVPN do it? Let’s see about that in the next section.

How PureVPN can secure Wi-Fi Hotspots?

PureVPN can make these unsafe public Wi-Fi hotspots, secure Wi-Fi hotspots for its users. When the users connect PureVPN on any of their device, it creates an encrypted tunnel between the VPN server and the device of the user. In addition to this tunnel, all the internet data of the user gets encrypted and it passes through this secure encrypted tunnel.

Now, no entity can see what PureVPN’s user is doing on the web as all of his or her data is encrypted and being routed through the secure tunnel. In addition, PureVPN also masks the IP address of the user, which makes him anonymous on the web. Nobody can know about the real identity of the user, not even the person on the same network.

Even if somebody somehow gets their hands on the data of user, all they will get is encrypted gibberish, which would be of no use to them. Even if they try to decrypt the data, it would take God knows how many years to decrypt it, thanks to the super strong encryption of PureVPN.

So, this is how PureVPN can save its users and make the same unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots a secure Wi-Fi network for its users. If you look at it, you are simply a click away to be secure even on the unsafe and risky public Wi-Fi hotspots, all thanks to PureVPN.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Are you facing PureVPN connection timeout issue? Here is the solution

It is not as troublesome and serious as you might think it is to get a PureVPN’s connection timeout issue. It can occur due to many causes which includes the support of your ISP, your antivirus, firewall and much more.

So, in order to help you solve PureVPN’s connection timeout issue, we are going to discuss about its most common cause and three possible solutions which would definitely help you get around this issue in no time at all. Let’s start with the most common cause which leads to this connection timeout issue.

Most Common Cause of PureVPN’s Connection Timeout Issue

Most of the time, ISPs block certain VPN protocols which causes the user difficulties in connection and they face the connection timeout error. In addition, the blockade might be from your router’s or your system’s firewall which is set on high security.

These are the most common reasons why you are getting the connection timeout error and your PureVPN is not connecting. For these, all the possible solutions are discussed in the next section.

PureVPN Not Connecting on Windows? 6 Ways to Fix the Problem

Solution of PureVPN’s Connection Timeout Issue

There are three easy and effective solutions to get around the connection timeout issue. Let’s see each of them below:

1.       The easiest solution is to change your VPN protocol and try to connect. Usually this works like charm and gets users connected in no time.

2.       The second solution is to disable the firewall on your system or your router which might be blocking the VPN protocol you are using. If the VPN connects after disabling the firewall, then you will have to make an exception for the VPN before turning it back on.

3.       The third solution is to change the DNS of your network. It can also help you get around the connection timeout issue. You can find more about how to change your DNS here (https://support.purevpn.com/how-to-change-dns)

So these are the solutions for your connection timeout issue which you are facing while connecting your PureVPN. We hope that it has been helpful and you do not have to face more hassle after this guide.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The scammers are getting better, so is a VPN!

You must have heard or seen how sophisticated the scams have become. You can hardly see that Nigerian Prince’s email where he will make you a millionaire. As the scams are getting better, the people are getting smarter too. However, there must be the smarter tools as well, which can keep the users away from these threats. One such tool which need to get users protected from scammer is a VPN.

Not all VPNs are scam free and there are a few VPNs which scam the customers themselves. Like there is scam VPN which uses its users as exit nodes for another service to make money. Among all those, there is one which can keep you away from scams. PureVPN is that service which has evolved itself to help you stay away from scams to a major extent.

PureVPN’s Scam Awareness

PureVPN has always focused on educating its users and readers regarding the scams. The weakest links in most of the online scams is a human, so the most important thing to do first is to educate everyone about the latest scams and how to identify them.

PureVPN Scam

Although the scammers have become way too smarter than a while ago, but there is still ways by which users can easily identity and stay protected against these scams. PureVPN suggests the users not to click any links from an unknown message or email.

Do not download any file from any unknown email. Additionally, if you see any strange email or message from an acquaintance, we recommend not to open any links or files in it. You should delete such emails immediately.

If you have clicked on the link and have entered your credentials on any site from that, we suggest you to change your password as soon as possible. If you have downloaded a file from any such email, then disconnect your system and run a malware test. Make sure that your antivirus is up to date.

PureVPN’s Scam Protection

PureVPN does not only try to educate the users regardingthese scams, but also takes actions. The biggest to date is the integration of IPS and IDS in the servers. IDS or Intrusion Detection System and IPS or Intrusion Prevention System, does not let any malicious file to enter your system. It gets blocked on the server level because of this IPS and IDS system.

Additionally, PureVPN also has an antimalware integrated in the app which keeps you protected from malware on the network level. However, it does not mean that you do not need an antivirus. You should use an antivirus as well for the security of your system.

As far as the Email scams are concerned, the users need to stay alert and aware of any such email which asks for personal information or financial details. No legit company asks for private information and financial details on an email. So, you always need to confirm first before sending any of your private information to anyone.

Although PureVPN has integrated the state of the art technology to prevent any kind of intrusion by anyone. However, it is still not 100 percent and nothing can ever be 100% protected for good. The reason is that everything and everyone is evolving and in this digital age, this process of evolution is very fast.

So, what is more beneficial and effective is that we all evolve with everything and try to stay protected. The best way to do that is to keep ourselves educated and well awar5e of all these sort of threats. In addition, you should always use VPN to protect your network and internet data so that nobody can get their hands on it.

You should also keep your surrounding aware by keeping everyone informed about the latest scams that you have heard of. This way, the flow of information will be smooth. If we couple this with the technology pf PureVPN, scams would not be able to scam you no matter how sophisticated and smart the scammers have become.

Final Words

All you need to do is to stay aware, informed, use PureVPN and keep your loved ones informed as well. This way you will be able to beat the scammers at their own games!